Monday, December 07, 2009

Where I can't catch a break

The best thing about a string of annoyances and bad luck is that it must surely end sometime – right?

In spite of repeated assurances from the landlord that the electricians would not need to enter my flat, I received a call at work at 8:15 Friday morning saying that they did need to get in, later in the afternoon. Since I refuse to let anyone in without my presence (prior bad experiences), I had to cancel an afternoon meeting and hightail it home to a freezing cold house an hour or so before quitting time.

The good news is that the job is finally done. I’ve not gone into the basement, though; there is still a possibility something is amiss I’ve simply not yet discovered.

Saturday I stayed in all day, only venturing out in the dusky late afternoon, just to move the car, whereupon I discovered the driver’s side front tire imitating a pancake. An angel came and changed it for me in the daylight and warmth on Sunday. The cause? A nail, most likely a souvenier of the garage project. Not only a nail, but a nail in a spot that made it impossible to simply repair the tire…

…which needed to be replaced that day, as the weather guys were saying not one, but two winter storms are on the way, the second bringing potentially heavy snow (note that Wisconsinites laugh at anything under about six inches – one station is saying eight to twelve, possibly).

After the tire replacement, I figured I’d stop at Aldi to do the grocery shopping I was too lazy to do Saturday afternoon (if I had, all of the tire nonsense could have been taken care of during the day on Saturday). Only the Aldi parking lot was crowded with old-people-mobiles, as every person over the age of sixty was stocking up enough supplies to carry them through the winter, since snow was forecast. I turned tail, thinking I could go after work on Monday, trekking through the snow in my cute boots…

…which I wore to work on Friday, but forgot to wear home because of the rapidity of my exit in order to meet the electricians. Did I mention that the first couple inches of the first snowstorm were supposed to fall overnight Sunday? At least I have the old boots at home to wear…

…which are the “old” pair because they leak.

After leaving Aldi, I thought I’d console myself with a latte from Starbucks, but the drive through was packed.

In the end I came home, grabbed the chocolate chip cookies baked Saturday night after discovering the tire (I cook when I’m stressed; sue me). Then I made chicken with wild rice soup, with the last of the mushrooms, the last of the flour and the second-last chicken breast.

After all this, a Monday at work will seem almost pleasant.

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