Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unexpected benefits

About seven or eight years ago, I helped out one of the biomedical professors with a calculation he needed to do related to a profit-splitting agreement on a small service business he runs through the department. The schedules aren't difficult, but the end result is important to him. After I'd prepared them for four years, the very competent new business manager for that particular college took over the process.

But the unexpected benefits continued.

You see, as a thank you, the professor would bring over a Christmas gift: Czechoslovakian Christmas bread. He brought over my annual loaf today. As he said when I protested, it's very difficult to cut people off once they've had a taste.

He bakes close to a hundred loaves every holiday season specifically for gift-giving. He's a bit of an aging hippie/organic foods kind of guy, complete with grey ponytail; I can see him doing the all-natural, from scratch kind of baking this requires.

The bread is excellent as is, freezes well and makes killer french toast. Is it any wonder I tend to hoard it each year? But Will is retiring in two more academic years; I need to finagle his recipe out of him before that, or travel to North Carolina each December to pick up a loaf.

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