Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If I had a hammer

Actually, I do, though I'm using it for a craft project, not a traditional use. Drapery trim, plastic needlepoint canvas and magnets are also strewn around the immediate area. Assuming I finish at some point, I'll post a pic.

Meandering kind of day. Out early to Panera - to what used to be my regular early Saturday spot before it gained popularity. Spent over an hour just reading (Robbo will be happy to know I've begun Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey series), then worked on catching up on other reading, finishing by quickly filling in seven or eight crossword blanks. In ink. The clues must be getting easier.

A really quick stop at Borders, where, thanks to one of the ubiquitous e-mail coupons, I saved $3.60. Then to the fabric/craft store. My 40% coupon saved me a whopping $2.15; my total bill was under ten bucks. Naturally, I completely forgot to to use the $10 gift card that's been in my wallet since February (that I looked at last night, thinking "Gee, I can use this tomorrow". Gah)

The afternoon and evening flew by - working on the above craft item. Putzy stuff. Blackened salmon for dinner, an old movie in the player to keep me company while I work. I could really get used to this non-scheduled schedule.

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