Friday, December 04, 2009

Dark and cold

The nightmare that has been the electrical upgrade to the duplex in which I rent should be over today, finally.

It's not that I resent the work having to be done (anything that forces the landlord to focus on fixing things INSIDE the house is a good thing), but I do resent the utter lack of appropriate notice, as well as the positive dearth of information available about just exactly what I need to do to accommodate the process.

Had I hired the contractors, I would have grilled them ahead of time, asking just how long the power (and thus, heat and lights) would be off, whether or not they need to enter the units to test anything, whether it's necessary to unplug sensitive electronics (I unplugged everything before I left this morning, just in case) and a few more details about the work they are doing.

The landlord simply doesn't think of those sorts of things, and half the time won't ask even when I ask him to find out.

As a result, I just found out that I need to cancel an afternoon meeting in order to be home by 2 to let the contractors in to test the re-set circuits. Yay for leaving early on a Friday, but it would have been nice to have known ahead of time (I received repeated assurances that they probably would not have to enter my flat) so I could plan.

Once they are done testing and my home is free from the possibility of further invasion, I will need to leave again for a few hours. The high today is only supposed to be in the high twenties; the house will be more than a bit chilly after spending half a day or more without any heat.

The furnace is seventeen years old: let's hope it doesn't break down in the process of reheating the house.

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