Thursday, December 31, 2009


Since the year began on a rather lethargic note (recuperating after staying out at friends' until 4 a.m.) it's only fitting it will be ending on a busy one. Things I should really be doing right now: putting away the rest of the groceries; subdividing six pounds of ground beef; browning two pounds of beef for chili; soaking a cup of pinto beans for same; making bars to take to party tonight; putting away Christmas decor taken down last night; setting up on-line bill payments and writing out rest of monthly checks; balancing checkbook; doing laundry; going to city hall (if still open) for parking sticker.


I've already been productive, or tried to be. The problem with being a lark by nature is that most retail establishments don't open near early enough. I took myself to breakfast (Baker's Square opens at seven, which is when I arrived) and stayed long enough to finish a book (Janet Evanovich. While I find her Stephanie Plum books sliding into some really pointless plots at times, where else can you find characters like Carl the (literal) monkey and Elmer the fire-farter? Elmer had me laughing out loud; my waitress, fortunately, was a fan and completely understood).

On the dot of nine I was at Penny's to make a return. Laggards; they don't open until ten. Next door, Kohl's, opening at nine, was doing a brisk business.

Off to Aldi instead, where I remembered to buy mayo, even though I'd once again forgotten to put it on the list. In spite of the fact that JCP and the Aldi I use are on opposite sides of town, I finished a fairly hefty grocery shopping and was home by ten.

Which is when JCP would open.


The important things (bars, groceries) will be taken care of...I'm feeling an incredible urge to spend the rest of the day reading. It's not something I have the luxury to do often. Besides, I can justify it by calling it "resting up" for the party tonight, right?

Sounds good to me.

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