Monday, November 09, 2009

Lip smacking good

Now for a bit of Monday silliness and a PSA.

It's an established fact that I have a thing for Burt's Bees lip balm. I keep tubes in my purse, the desk drawer at work, the tv remote caddy in the living room, the bedside table, the sewing desk and the bathroom cabinet.

It's also an established fact that every one of the darn things will run out at exactly the same time.

The cheap frugal yankee in me has been digging the remains out of the tubes for the last two weeks, waiting for a sale. Saving a quarter each on six tubes is enough to cover the coffee I have with a friend every week.

By the time I went grocery shopping at Aldi Saturday, I was almost ready to break down and buy the stuff at regular price. Then, on a trip down the non-food aisle, I spotted a package of Lacura lip balm. It's a German product, part of a small line of skin care products they carry. At $1.99 for three tubes, it would tide me over (maybe) until the good stuff went on sale.

I'm impressed. Almost impressed enough to ditch the Burt's Bees entirely (particularly for a product less than 1/3 the cost per tube). The key, of course, is immediately going back to Aldi to stock up; these items are seasonal, most likely to be removed from the shelves before Christmas.

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