Sunday, November 15, 2009

End of the weekend

Sunday evening, trying to finish watching Saving Private Ryan. I've been picking at it over most of the late afternoon, stopping every so often to change over the laundry or do a quick chore. The chicken chili - cooked in the crock overnight and thrown in the 'fridge before leaving for church - has been packaged up and frozen.

While I've moved the very few things I keep in the basement out of the electrician's (and harm's) way, the floor really needs the vacuum rather than the broom. Too tired today; since there is still no word on when the work down there will be done, it can surely wait until tomorrow night.

The rest of the Baldacci book will wait until next weekend, when I can relax without time constraints, reading at leisure rather than at speed. Weeknights this week I intend to putter away at the super-secret Christmas presents; I didn't make quite as much progress as anticipated.

Speaking of progress - while we are studying lesson four of 1 Peter this week, I've only posted lesson one. Lesson two is about half written; I'm seriously considering doing the rest in podcast form, condensing everything into twenty minutes or so. Thoughts on that?

Better restart the movie. Monday morning comes ridiculously early...

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