Thursday, October 01, 2009

Frost on the pumpkin

"Good morning! Would you like to try a $2.79 iced mocha?"

Well, no, considering it was in the low forties when I got up, and it hadn't yet warmed up much. Neither had I; as of this morning, I still have one window open and the heat turned firmly off. Let's just say the temperature in the bathroom made for a very fast shower this morning.

This is without doubt my favorite time of year, when summer and winter duke it out for supremacy. Winter sneaks in during the overnight hours, spreading frosty tentacles over the grass, but is beat back when the sun comes out, Summer trying to reassert his dominance.

It's the season of sweatshirts with shorts, tennis shoes in the morning and flip flops in the afternoon, layers that can be added or shed as conditions change. Fireplaces see the first fires since May, but barbecues remain on the patios, the scent of burning logs and burning burgers mingling in the crisp air.

All too soon the grey of early winter will set in; let's enjoy this while we can.

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