Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday quickie...

...Hearing the news about the peace prize at 5:04 a.m. kind of set the tone for the day. I don't recommend it.

...Eight fifty-eight a.m. the fire alarm here at work went off. Grab purse, turn off lights and leave building. Oops. Forgot that it is drizzling (have umbrella in totebag, now safely locked in office in potentially burning building - you know, the totebag that also contains my car keys). Stand outside (coatless; I didn't finish the hemming on the leather coat last night, and it honestly wasn't that cold this morning, if you were only going from the car to the office door) for fifteen minutes until the all-clear sounds.

...SNOW is in the forecast for the weekend, or at least they think it may be. In a rather ironic twist, I am going to a wedding on Sunday where the groom is...a meteorologist. He will never live it down if it snows on his wedding day - three weeks earlier in the year than the average date of our first snowfall.

...In spite of Saturday's predicted rain and cold, I may just get in the car and drive. Lots of potential destinations, depending on how I feel at the time. A trip to my alma mater could be interesting, since the campus has been totally transformed since my day. Or I could head toward Madison (the Badgers play at Ohio State; traffic shouldn't be an issue) and go to the quilt store that carries hundreds of bolts of my favorite reproduction fabrics.

I have a guide at home that lists all the farmers' markets, orchards and country stores in a four-county radius - maybe a tour of several? I don't know; the important thing, I think, is to just get out of here for a while. If I don't look out the window, see the weather and go directly back to bed, that is.

...The 1 Peter study starts next week. I'm not quite as far ahead as I'd like to be, but what I have done is done very well. Maybe I'll find a coffee shop in another town Saturday and work on the next lesson - a change of scenery may do me well. Unfortunately, it appears that the cute coffeeshop in the town with the repro-fabric quilt store has gone out of business; they had a nice fireplace, a perfect spot to spend the afternoon.

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