Friday, September 25, 2009

Escaped thoughts

Some things that managed to make it out of my head -

Almost too much going on over the next month. I'm thinking of putting an absolute moratorium on social engagements for the month of November, to give me something to which to look forward. It's not that October won't be fun; I'm just opposed to having all the fun I'm allotted through 2011 happening in a single month.

After several weeks without one, I finally bought a coffeemaker for home use. It's a Cuisinart, retro-looking thing in mostly stainless steel. It took a bit to set up; there is a charcoal "filter" that goes into the water tank to remove impurities from the water, thus giving you a better cup of coffee. They recommend changing it after every 60 days or 60 pots of coffee - to the tune of $3.75 per filter - available in lots of twelve, only.

I think not. Tap water and I get along just fine, thank you.

The blogroll is changed up a bit. I'm not done adjusting yet, but have been taking off direct links to blogs that don't see much updating. Never fear, I still have them in my reader, just don't see the need for a direct link.

Notice also I've added a link to Pastor Bob DeWaay's Critical Issues Commentary. I've been reading him for about five years - some of the best Biblical exegesis I've seen anywhere, as well as the ability to run a Word-shaped sword through the false teaching that abounds in what passes for the evangelical church today.

Oatmeal-craisin cookies - I finally baked a batch for the retiring VP. While they tasted great, they looked rather odd. They ended up very thin, almost lacy, and getting them off the tray without breaking (tearing, actually, as they were paradoxically moist, rather than dry and brittle) was a chore. I swear I followed the recipe exactly (well, except for the vanilla incident)(and the whole "form into one inch balls" thing, after the first tray - I have tactile texture issues, and couldn't face getting my fingers all sticky and greasy again - I used a spoon). I'll post the recipe later; maybe my baking genius friends can figure out if the quantities on the ingredients make sense.

Tomorrow's plan: Sleep late, meet a friend for lunch and chatter (last time we did this, it was a five hour lunch), come home and make soup, pick up around the house, finish the library book I renewed two weeks ago (and thus is due next Friday).

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