Saturday, August 08, 2009

Freezer cooking

While it has been thundering and raining off and on all day, the skies appear to be clearing and the temperature rising. Regardless, the menu plan for this month includes making a huge pot of chili to freeze in individual servings. Once a bimonthly project, chili has been off the menu for almost a year, for no real reason other than a lazy cook.

Fresh tomatoes, onions, celery; green chilies, kidney beans, tomato sauce and pinto beans from cans. Add a can of diced tomatoes with more green chilies just for fun. Water and spices. Simmer a couple of hours, stirring every fifteen minutes and adding a bit more water if it seems too thick. Enjoy the smell wafting through the house. Try to resist the urge to have some for supper rather than freezing it all.

Plan to give in to the urge. Now where is that cornbread recipe?

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