Thursday, August 06, 2009

Drive by 080609

Too much to do at work, too little time. The auditors are in, and since they came in a week later than normal, are in a frenzy to get more information. My oft-repeated mantra this week is "That's not on the PBC* list, and we didn't provide it last year." If they can give me a good reason why they want the information and for what they plan to use it, I'll be happy to provide it. Until then, please get out of my office.

The State Fair started this morning. For the next ten days I will be effectively trapped at home - or out of my home, depending. There are advantages; I insist on leaving work on time, as to (hopefully - this doesn't always work) find a parking space before the after-work crowd heads to the Fair. Two forced weekends at home, as well as evenings with no planned errands means the house gets cleaned, I eat more healthy meals and I can legitimately turn down social engagements, unless someone so desperately wants to see me that they come pick me up. Kind of nice.

The next week's temperatures are expected to fluctuate between unbearable and pit-of-eternal-fire-and-brimstone. During the same time I'm trapped at home, in the unairconditioned flat. While my landlords are in Scotland, where the average daytime temperature is in the low sixties - maybe. I finally got mad enough to ask if they ever intend to put air in, but haven't received an answer yet. I'm not optimistic.

Although I'm not actually sewing, I'm spending a lot of time in the sewing room/office, mostly because it's the coolest room in the house in the evening. Maybe I'll be able to do some sewing over Fair week. There are a few little projects - a small zippered pouch for my purse, a totebag and a pincushion - I could work on without having to have yards of fabric and/or batting draped over me. It's been forever since I've done anything creative; it will do me good to putz.

Not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but my dearest friend is moving temporarily to California, probably by January. It's not unexpected, but the whole thing came right down to the wire. It looked as if it wasn't going to happen, but God did a miracle and her son's home sold, so he can indeed go to the seminary of his choice. On the other hand, it feels a lot like God sucker punched me.

Better get back to it. Another locust auditor just poked his head in.

*Prepared by Client. We do all the work; they simply check things and ask interminable questions.

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