Friday, July 31, 2009


While it's hard to see the real difference in the pictures, this is a noticeable change. In the top picture you can see some of the color work. The roots were touched up in the same type of lighter golden brown I've been using. The rest of the hair was brightened up by adding skinny sections that were lightened with a blonding agent (I think - then again, since I can't remember, it may be a sign I've really gone a bit blonde...)

To my surprise, only an inch needed to come off the back to reach healthy hair. He put in a number of longer layers to give everything some movement. I tried to get a video of me lifting the hair and letting it fall to show that, but ended up with twenty seconds of (not moving)shower curtain.

We'll see what this looks like after I try to dry it. Peter worked absolute magic with a very light smoothing oil, round metal brush and blow dryer. My hair has NO natural curl at all; how those waves are still there more than two hours after I left the salon (and spent the afternoon in my muggy, non-air conditioned apartment) is a wonderment.

I do have somewhere special to go with my new hair tonight - the wedding rehersal for sweet Holly, who recommended Peter as a stylist.

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