Monday, June 08, 2009

It's not Monday unless your head explodes at least once

Or so said a coworker when she called to ask me a question about someone who was donating nineteen pianos to the University, but not really donating them, just letting us use them for a while to get gift in kind credit. It will create all sorts of fun accounting problems...

Apparently, Paris Hilton decided to go slumming clubbing in Milwaukee over the weekend. That may explain the slight tilt to the universe on Saturday, as well as the desire to be seen many places doing nothing and saying "Hawt!".

Wonder how much she charges for a personal appearance?

The layering of the quilts did not get done, due to the overwhelming urge to do nothing of consequence either Saturday night or at any time on Sunday (I'm blaming the "Paris effect"). I did move the batting from its spot on the living room floor, the better to not get crumbs in it. In spite of having a dining table that will seat twelve when fully expanded, as well as a kitchen that could easily fit a table for six, I eat most of my meals whilst sitting on the couch, balancing the plate on a lap board. Yeah, yeah - lazy single. But I actually cook, which puts me a cut above most other lazy singles.

Clueless, that's me. A couple of people made passing references to seeing me this coming Tuesday night. I was a bit confused, until someone at church yesterday specifically referenced a pot luck at a friends home to which I was seems the invites came by e-mail (more than once) and the internet ate mine. After checking my deleted file (most times I think it a bit silly that deleted e-mails are not really deleted; not so this time) I felt a bit better - rather than my being a complete twit and missing the communication, it had missed me.

Yay for potlucks!

On Saturday I spent some time studying Romans. I may/may not teach it in the spring. While I'm using a study guide for the main outline, I've dug out my notes from a class I took a few years ago with an extremely talented teacher, to supplement what the guide has. Trying to adequately cover the material in a twelve week class may well make my head explode. May do a bit of a test run here - thoughts on each lesson as I prep, if I'm not too lazy (see comment above re:lazy single).

I'd better get back to scraping brain matter off of the office walls. At least the red/grey goes well with the pale pink walls...

P. S. Why does the spellchecker of an on-line journal not recognize the word "internet"?

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