Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bits and pieces of the week

Tuesday after work I found myself cruising around South Milwaukee with no emergency book in the car and over an hour to kill before I needed to be at dinner at a friend's. Surely I could find a Starbucks, get coffee and grab an old newspaper to read.

Except there are (as I've now confirmed) no Starbucks shops in South Milwaukee.

After running up and down most of the main drags (several times) and finding many, many supper clubs, corner taverns and steak houses, but no Starbucks, I headed south on a road that parallels Lake Michigan, thinking vaguely of finding a spot where I turn in and stare at the lake for a bit. It was a nice evening, so the car windows were rolled down...the fresh lake smell, however, seemed a bit off.

No wonder - I was passing, in short order, the waste water treatment center and the desalinization plant (which confuses me - isn't Lake Michigan one of the world's largest fresh water bodies?).

Still, it was a nice drive, I didn't get lost and I did eventually get my coffee fix.


Another graduation party invitation arrived yesterday. That brings the count to four graduation parties this year, on top of five weddings and the associated showers. I don't think there will be any baby showers this year, but you never know. It's not that I don't want to celebrate with you, but would you please space things out a bit more?

It's simply that season of life. Next on the list should be retirement parties...


Over the last few days I've heard some incredible personal histories from friends. It is amazing how you can look back and clearly see God's hand in events, even at a time in life when you didn't necessarily want anything to do with Him. All things work together for good for those who love Him, even before they do.


Yum - Susan brought copies for us this morning of a guide to local farmers' markets and pick-your-own farms and orchards. I need to learn to keep some cash on me - these places don't generally take debit cards.

A friend has canning equipment she's willing to loan out, and I may try my hand at a few things. With a walk-in pantry and a mostly empty freezer (until I went grocery shopping last night, it held two bags of vegetables, two individually frozen salmon pieces and six trays of ice cubes) I certainly have the space to store whatever I can or freeze.

If you have good recipes, comment or e-mail me (click the "about" line in the sidebar). Just so you know - I don't like pickles or anything to do with zucchini.


In spite of the cool, wet weather, the peonies are now within a breath of bursting into full bloom. The clematis that grows up the south side of one of the brick porch supports started blooming almost two weeks ago. If the seven day forecast holds, by this time next week we may see upper seventies for temperatures. Summer may yet make an appearance.

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