Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The cake sneak

Friday night our little band of card sharks gathered at Pam's for dinner and games. We hadn't been together for a while, but I was surprised to be greeted with "Happy Birthday!"

Uh, thanks?

Confusion in this case is due to the odd timing of the well wishes, not encroaching old age. As it turned out, Pam decided to celebrate the fact that all of our little group is now officially over the half century hill. We had black bead necklaces, black rose boutonnieres, black helium balloons floating from the chairs and black bags full of appropriate goodies - over sized playing cards, pens on retractable lanyards and over sized score cards.

And cake. A gorgeous two-layer cake, festooned with red roses and black piping, with dual gravestone shaped candles (I guess we'll be two to a grave?!). After singing Happy Birthday to us, we sliced up the cake.

Even with sending several pieces home for husbands, more than half a cake was left. Pam said she could take it to church for their social time on Sunday...

Fast forward to Monday. Pam came over for brunch and fun. We ate too much good stuff - baked french toast, fresh fruit, bacon and more. We rolled to the porch to watch the parade, then came inside to yak and do some craft work.

It wasn't until just before I went to bed that night that I realized Pam had left a bag on the kitchen island - and that bag contained the last two slices of the cake.


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