Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is why I love working here...

Nine forty-eight a.m., my boss pops his head in my office and says there is a meeting on private use in twelve minutes, with both Finance Associate V.Ps, the Associate Dean for Administration and the Director of Conference Services - would I like to come?

Sure, I enjoy going to meetings with no prior notice, that have been on the schedule for a while and to which I should have been invited in the first place, on only twelve minutes notice when I have had NO coffee and need to use the ladies' room. Not to mention the fact that I was in the middle of looking up something else for one of the V.P.s who would be at the meeting.

The meeting began with the words, "Well, Diane, why don't you explain...". When it ended, I was responsible for sending out notes from the meeting as well as for doing a couple of proforma calculations that will put me knee deep in paper for a few hours.

At least it was a short meeting; afterwards, I went to get my first cup of coffee, discovering that someone had brought in bagels - the outlook for the day is looking up again.

Disclaimer for anyone currently thinking I'm an ungrateful wench for whining about by job when I am fortunate enough to have one: I'm well aware of the blessing of having full-time, secure employment in a time where nothing is certain. I'm also fully convinced that God has me here for a purpose (one of which may be to help improve our severely dysfunctional communication patterns), and that I should be working "as for the Lord, not for men". Before this post was started (on my lunch), the summary was sent out and the information I need to do the proformas located. The actual calculation won't be done today, as there are several other projects of both higher priority and higher visibility that need to be done first.

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