Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let there be...sight

Tuesday night I picked up my new contacts, but wasn't able to get around to cleaning and disinfecting them until last night; hence, today is the first day I'm wearing them.

While the actual prescription hasn't changed much, it's evident from the improved vision with the new lenses that my old ones must have warped a bit over eighteen months of use. I'm managing to read very small print without my reading glasses, while distance viewing remains sharp and clear.

They gave me a sample of box of a NEW! and DIFFERENT! contact lens care system that they HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I asked if I absolutely had to switch to the new supplier, as I currently have a linen closet full of Boston products (used up last year's flex money by buying a six month or more supply of contact stuff). It's fine to use up the old stuff, but this is new! and better!

So...I figured I'd give it a try. Then I opened the box. There are four different little bottles/tubes in this system:

1. A little tube of a special soap with which to wash your hands.

2. The "Extra Special (Sudsy? The directions say the more sudsy it is when you rub the lenses, the cleaner they get) Cleaner" (do NOT use in the eye: rinse thoroughly!).

3. The soaking/disinfecting solution (do NOT use in the eye: rinse thoroughly!).

4. The rewetting/lubrication drop (for use in the eye!).

Note that the bottles for #2 and #4 are exactly the same, except for the too-small-to-read-without-contacts name on the label.

If you've worn contacts for any length of time, I'm sure you are rolling on the ground laughing right about now, just as I was. As it is, I resent having to use two separate bottles o' stuff for the gas permeable lenses (with soft lenses, at the least the last time I wore them, the cleaner and the disinfectant were the same - so one bottle).

Just further proof that newer isn't always better.

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