Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday wanderings

Wow - first Saturday in spring and the weather is almost - Springlike! When I first ventured out just after six a.m. it was still a bit nippy (and ridiculously dark - I hate daylight savings time) but it warmed up nicely into the mid-fifties. The macho-manly-sporty guys are already wearing shorts; even some of the women are going out with sweatshirts on instead of coats.

My morning was spent at Panera, diligently preparing for Tuesday's study. To tell the truth, it was a lot of fun, digging, referencing and trying to figure out how best to present rather complicated (and in some cases controversial) information. Time flew by.

Truth to tell, this may have been my last Saturday to use that coffee shop as my preferred study locale. While I do a great job of blocking out all the chatter and espresso maker noise, the fact is that the place simply gets too crowded, making me feel guilty to be occupying a spot on my own. Never fear, I have three super secret back up spots from which to chose.

Back home, to begin the task of sweeping out all the winter cobwebs, figuratively as well as (unfortunately) literally. Focusing on housework is not as much fun as focusing on the study; I've been puttering on and off all afternoon, though no one but me would notice much difference in level of cleanliness. C'est la vie.

With the sunshine comes a case of the spring itchies. Figuratively, that is. I feel the need to just get in the car and go - fly down the highway with the windows open and the music up loud. The curse of my particular personality is that I can't just drive for driving's sake: I need to have a destination in mind. Call it controlled spontaneity.

Whatever you call it, it needs to wait until next weekend. Not enough daylight left today, and too much to do tomorrow.

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