Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feeling like a grown-up

Or at least a productive member of society, in spite of odd dreams, interruptions and other strange happenings. The last couple of days have been amazingly productive, including, as they did, lots of work, my annual review, two difficult to make phone calls I've been putting off and a couple of calls to hotels to feel out rates for a vacation stay coming up.

Oh - and in regards to that last one? The one clerk asked me if I had any discount cards that might apply, and I tentatively said, "well...I have an AARP card...". Darned if that wouldn't get me a discount. I wasn't sure if I should be pleased - or depressed. No matter; one of the other motels was significantly cheaper anyway.

Sunday night's sleep was rudely interrupted by the girl upstairs, who decided to move furniture and sing after eleven p.m. This was followed by an early morning dream that involved me being a healer on a journey, trying not to let the bad guys lead me astray and make me get on the wrong train. Is it any surprise I managed to drop (and break) my favorite glass cutting board first thing Monday morning?

Monday night's relaxation (and 24, doggone it) was interrupted by a pair of Jehovah Witnesses at the front door. I got rid of them in short order, but they then rang the upstairs doorbell, and my landlord proceeded to talk to them for the next ten minutes, very loudly, on the front porch.

Still, it feels good to have various little things taken care of and off the list. One can only hope this urge to produce continues, at least until I'm caught up at work and the house is clean.

Sigh. Who am I kidding? Neither of those things ever really happen.

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