Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

1. To much to do, too little energy motivation time to do it. I may post the weekend to-do list when I get home, though by that time at least five items should be crossed off the list.

2. It must be the shorter, grey days - I cannot seem to focus on anything. That in turn makes #1 more frustrating. My attention span has been reduced to ADHD levels. Adequate sleep would help, but it is in short supply right now. And yes, the to-d0 list includes a line that says "SLEEP!"

3. Our study on the book of Revelation starts Tuesday night. As of right now, we have twelve in the evening study and I'm capping enrollment there. Anything over about seven in a small group becomes unwieldy. The goal is to keep the group at a size that lets everyone participate without having the study run for hours. Given the usual attrition rates, our group will most likely be down to five or six regular attenders by the fourth week.

4. A friend loaned me Nicholas Sparks' Dear John on CD, which I began listening to last night as I sorted the leaning tower of junk mail. Meh. I prefer action in my books, while this one begins with a lot of navel-gazing style first person historical narration by the main character. Not my cup of tea, though I will listen to a bit more out of courtesy. If it doesn't pick up in the next half hour, I won't bother finishing it.

It did remind me, however, that I've yet to finish listening to the Focus on the Family recording of The Chronicles of Narnia - all the books - I began last year. Listening to an audio book requires a different set of skills than reading one; I don't do as well with audio books.

5. On February 13th I'm having a Silpada Jewelry party. A friend is just starting her business, so I'm circulating a couple of books at work and holding the in-home party. What I've seen so far of the product is absolutely gorgeous; browse the catalogue at Nancy's site and you'll see what I mean. If you are interested in ordering, email me - see the About me page for the addy.

6. Absolutely no quilting is going on, or has gone on since before Christmas. I should be designing three lap quilts, but simply haven't felt like it. See #1 and #2 above. I do have ideas for at least two of them; naturally, the third one is the quilt I really should make first.

7. I think I'm repeating myself - see #1 and #2 above (again). I've not meant to take a bloggy break from substantive posting, but it appears I have (babbling doesn't count). Perhaps getting enough sleep would help...

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