Thursday, January 22, 2009


Blame it on vitamin D deficiency, or just plain craziness: I opened the moon roof on the way home tonight. Fully, completely, wide open. The kind of open that makes you want to crank the tunes and cruise down the highway for hours.

Unfortunately, my only CD choices in the car right now are an old Vince Gill, a recording of selections from The Magic Flute and several CDs of French lessons, none of which are exactly appropriate for blasting out the windows while cruising. I haven't put my stock of springtime cruising music in the car just yet.

It's about twenty-eight degrees right now, not exactly warm, but mild compared to the last week or so. Nevermind that it snowed a bit early this morning, or that it is going down to minus one again by Saturday night - tonight, I needed the fresh air and sunshine to blow away some of the mental fog of winter.

I'd have kept going - my favorite quilt shop in a town half an hour away would be someplace to aim for - but the sun still sets fairly early, and the warmth goes with it. Only a couple more months until spring begins her dance - will she partner with you for the whole waltz, or let winter cut in one last time? We seem to change partners a lot around here.

At least I had tonight. And I even remembered to close the roof when I got home.

Didn't I?

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