Thursday, August 09, 2007

"The Von Trapp Family Singing 'So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night'" Version of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

Via Terry:

Except without the Nazis. Or singing. Or nuns. Okay, it's not at all like anything in the movie. SO SUE ME!! (Not really.)

Anyway, as you all know, The Axis of Weevil Thursday Three has been one of the more popular recurring features of Possumblog over the years, dating back to April 8, 2004. It has been on summer hiatus to allow it to be properly aired-out and disinfected, but when we sent it out, we had no idea that we'd be making our big exit before resuming production for the Exciting New Fall Season.

SO, in the spirit of the times, and to cap off the most drawn-out, insufferably melodramatic blogdeath sequences ever recorded, we herewith assault you one last time with The Completely Self-Centered Good-bye Edition of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three! Since the original idea was posited by none other than Jim Smith, PhD, he has graciously written out the final question set for us.

As has always been both rule and custom, anyone may play along by either leaving a comment below, or by leaving a link to the answers on your own blog. Answer us now these things:

1. What was your favorite Possumblog post over the years? (With archive link, please, if you can find it.) Finding just one is an issue - so much possumy goodness, so little space. I do appreciate the fact that Terry is always willing to try the odder things in life, so we don't have to. Not being a parent myself, I've always appreciated his willingness to share the trials and travails of watching his kids grow up. Not that I'd ever find humor in someone else's pain. Uh-uh.

2. What will you miss most about Possumblog? As so many have mentioned, Possumblog is the center of a very ecletic community, a place where people can come and hang out, enjoy a cornatee or two, share opinions and humor and generally prove to everyone involved that there are still wonderful, intelligent, witty people in the world. While he won't admit it, Terry is really the glue that keeps the community together.

3. Do you have any final words? (And it better not be "Rosebud"!) See you on the other side!

And, the exciting bonus question!

4. What will you not miss at all about Possumblog? Hmmm. Explaining to my physically-present friends that I have not-physically-present friends who are not imaginary. Based on prior experience with me, they have a difficult time believing that.

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