Saturday, June 30, 2018

Tossing the pasta

Back on June 9th, I took a header in my own dining room. Well, not a header, more a flailing, twisting, rolling, good-grief-don't-fall-on-the-pasta-bowl kind of a fall.

I had a full bowl of pasta with butter and Parmesan in my hands, and as I started to go down, I knew I could not 1) land on the ceramic bowl and have either of us survive, or 2) drop the bowl - and the pasta - and have it fly all over the dining and living rooms.

So yeah, only about a quarter of the pasta left the bowl, which finished right side up and still in my right hand. As for the rest of me...I think I landed mostly on my butt, which has enough healthy padding that it could handle the blow. But on the way to that landing, I managed to smack my left hand on the wall and my left knee on...something. I think it was the dining room chair that ended up overturned.

After something like this, you lay there doing the damage assessment. Is anything broken? No. Is anything bleeding? No. Did anyone see me make a complete fool of myself? Thankfully no. I got myself up, cleaned up the spilled pasta and went on to eat dinner (the remaining pasta) with an icepack on my knee.

Aside from a bit of residual soreness, I felt mostly fine the next day. Unless I happened to rub that knee. More precisely, the spot just below the kneecap. With the kind of hit I took, I expected quite a bit of bruising.

But noooo...all I got was some vague, deep-seated itchiness. The itching I took as a sign of healing, which is a good thing. I tend to heal rather slowly. Anyway, now that we are three weeks out from the actual event, I'm finally seeing signs of a bruise in that spot. A big, dark red and purple, blotchy bruise. And more intense itching. Ack.

Why am I mentioning this? I just happened to have pasta - in that same bowl - for dinner tonight. Only this time, with red sauce. You can bet I walked very slowly and carefully with that thing in my hands.

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melissa said...

Close call, eh? Funny how those I injuries, though, show up so much later. Knees are funny things.

Hope you can enjoy your Fourth. What's on the menu? Can't settle on mine. 😕