Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Keeping my cool

Air conditioning update number two: It started freezing up again over the weekend. A Sunday service call, wherein I mentioned that if it wasn't fixed posthaste, we would need to look at "other resolutions", was answered promptly. Three hours later, the repair was done.

This time, the serviceman pretty much admitted that the welds on the joins on the original install were not done properly, and that is why they were leaking. He assured me that he checked and rewelded all of them in this visit (he is at least the fifth tech I've seen, and this was his first visit).

So far, it is working very well. It is supposed to get up to 94 by Saturday, so time will tell. I can't help wondering if there are any pipes - and joins - underneath the new concrete slab they installed, that cannot be check without removing the unit.

I've managed not to call my insurance company and unload on them, in spite of severe provocation. The company that handles our prescription benefit changed as of January 1st, and naturally, the formulary changed as well. Three years ago, I was able to get a special dispensation for coverage of a non-formulary drug because the covered alternative made me nauseous, headachy and extremely, painfully...um, backed up.

I'm ready to finally renew that prescription under the new coverage, and the new processor is insistent that I try two of the other drugs on the covered list, before they will even consider the one I'm currently taking. Of the four they cover, three are variants of the one that made me so sick. The fourth is a very expensive name brand, whose active ingredient is...wait for it...the same as the first three.

Sigh. It's going to be a miserable month. I will pick it up today and be a good girl and take it until my doctor's appointment in late July. At that point, I will list all the nasty side effects I've experienced so he gets it into my records (he is well aware of this, and firmly on my side). I do have about three week's of the old med left; that should cover the time it takes the insurance to finally approve it.

I love it when the insurance wonks play around with my health.

The three A/C repairs, the ongoing insurance issues, some other things going on...none of it is really all that bad, but I'm feeling very unsettled lately. At the moment, all I want to do is put my head down on my desk and sleep. And it feels like I may burst into tears if I can't. One of those awful charley horses in my calf/foot woke me up early this morning, robbing me of about a half hour of sleep. Naturally, when I did get it worked out and got back to bed, only forty minutes remained until the alarm went off.

Whatever the cause, I'm sleepy and weepy and mopey. The university is mostly closed down next week and I'm off...I just may spend the week sleeping.

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melissa said...

Oh me. Your a/c dilemma has been horrible. I'm so sorry. Maybe now you're done. Sounds like it.

You certainly deserve a rest. Hope next week is perfect, and cooooool, for you.