Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Longest Day

Summer officially begins today, with the longest day and the summer solstice.

Naturally, it's going to be cloudy, drizzly and possibly rainy all day.

Eh. I don't mind, since it's not blazingly hot the way it was last weekend. If nothing else, the weather in Wisconsin is varied. In fact, we can sometimes cycle through three seasons in less than a week.

It is errand day. I've a hair appointment after work (that counts as a errand, since it prevents me from going straight home from work), followed by a grocery order pick up. That means putting away the food when I get home. Honestly, isn't it enough that I drag it up from the basement entrance?

Planning things out for the weekend. Carpet cleaners are coming next Friday to clean the upstairs. Before then, I need to get the new section of wall painted, the hutch from the computer desk taken apart and taken to the basement, and a bunch of stuff put away, moved out of the way, or put someplace else to give away. It isn't that there is very much; it's more that I want them to clean every possible inch of carpet.

To much too do, so no welcome to summer bacchanalia for me. How about you? How will you spend this longest day?

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