Friday, July 06, 2018

This and that, procrastination edition

Why yes, I should be putting the second coat on the wall I painted just before lunch. It's only a ten-minute job, maybe fifteen, given there is a little bit of fussy painting up where the header for the new closet doors meets the upright of the new wall. The paintbrush I was using was too big for the detail level needed, so I left it for the second coat. It's in a spot that no one will see unless you are Kobe Bryant and feel like snooping in my closet.

The loft was painted six years ago. I kept a record in Evernote of the paint number and name, as well as actual paint chips, just for fun. Those came in handy now. The paint colors were Sherwin-Williams; the paint base six years ago, however, was Benjamin Moore. I bought a quart of S-W (they still carried the color) in a base sheen as close as I could get to the original paint job. In the usual loft lighting (and this wall gets no direct sunshine - in fact, it is in shadow 90% of the time) it seems an almost perfect match. Using the tactical flashlight, though, you can clearly see the demarcation. Eh. The wall, at it's highest point, goes up sixteen feet. I'm not going to paint the entire wall when it's just the 18" by 80" new section that needed it. There is a possibility the match will be better after the second coat goes on; this first coat was directly on the new coated drywall.

So that's been my day. Well, not all of it. I did get a meatloaf in the oven before nine this morning. The plan is to cut it and freeze it in portion sizes, but from what I can tell, I may need to freeze it before I cut it. The two eggs that were meant as a binder...didn't. At least not much. Still, it will be dinner tonight and at least three more for later.

I need to inventory the freezer again, or at least start eating out of it more. There are two turkey breast carcasses taking up more room than they should - I may toss those in the InstantPot tonight and turn them into stock. Four containers of stock take up less room than the bones. It may not even make it into the freezer, as I have a craving for Chicken Biscuit Stew. There, too, the advantage is cooking once and eating many times. I feel sorry for the people who insist they don't like (or think they are too good for?) leftovers.

This has been a very fits-and-starts kind of vacation. It started on a productive note, with some cooking for the freezer last weekend. It got a bit lazy Sunday and Monday, as the temperature and humidity outside rose. But Monday night and Tuesday morning I needed to pick up as much as possible from the floor on the second floor - including some small furniture that either went in a closet, on a bed or on top of something else) to get ready for the carpet cleaners. The carpet throughout the upstairs is a deeper cut pile that the previous owners must have put in not too long before they put the condo on the market. They also seem to have sprung for the thicker carpet pad, based on how pleasurable it is to walk across the carpet in bare feet. But, as the carpet cleaner said, this type of carpet doesn't wear well. Sigh. It may be time to put runners in the high traffic areas.

It was still beastly hot on the Fourth, though we had torrential downpours in the early evening. Thursday even hotter and muggier. But a cold front came through, bringing not only lower temps, but blessedly dry air. That accounts for my burst of energy.

Better get to it. After the wall, I want to sew for a bit before/after dinner. On my way upstairs to bed tonight, I need to bring up some of the pieces of a new, small wooden (well, manufactured wood) file cabinet. The box is just a little bit too heavy for me to bring up all at once. Assuming the wall dries overnight, I can move my desk and the other small cabinet back there tomorrow, as well as assemble the new one.

No rest for the weary.

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