Monday, March 19, 2018

Lists Day Nineteen: Places I've Been

- Montreal, Quebec, Canada, for the World's Fair in 1967

- St. Maarten/St. Martin, while on a cruise. Gorgeous island.

- St. Thomas, on the same cruise...tourist trap.

- Nogales, Mexico, visiting a huge flea market, while staying in...

- Tuscon, Arizona, visiting friends.

- Lawrence, Kansas, to take the same friends' kids from Milwaukee to Lawrence (they had been here with their grandparents...nothing like an early morning flight with three kids under five. Thank heaven for the kind, patient Japanese businessman in the row behind us!)

- Newark, New Jersey, visiting the same friends (they moved a lot).

- New York City, for one evening, to see an off-Broadway play (with the friend from the previous lines, who is my "theatre" friend, and the best friend mentioned in the previous post)(she and her family appear to be most of my reason for personal travel. They live in Maryland now...may be time to visit again.)

- Belton, Missouri, where my (different) best friend moved for several years to help take care of her grandkids while her son was in seminary. While in Belton, we drove to Kansas City for dinner, and drove past the KC home of the IRS. Thrilling times, folks.

- New Orleans, where I've been to conferences three different times. The first time, I took some extra days at the beginning and end, to have fun in the city.

- Baltimore, St. Louis, Orlando, Tampa all for conferences.

- A whole lot of places around the state. Truly, I prefer local travel. The one that sticks out is a weekend in a cabin on a lake near Wisconsin Dells with three friends. The cabin literally hung off a hillside over the lake. Peaceful, beautiful.

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