Monday, March 19, 2018

Lists Day Eighteen: Favorite Memories

Ah! Finally a list that I can sink my teeth into (provided I can remember anything...)

- Getting a 103 on a college math test (would have been 105 (100 + the 5 available bonus points), but I changed an answer on a definition - I've made it a policy not to change answers since then).

- A college English prof calling me to tell me the class grade she had told me (last day of class she actually let us know what our final grade would be) was the wrong one, and as a result, I did indeed have a straight-A semester (with 21 credits, no less)

- Maybe not favorite, but first plane flight was a commuter hop from here to Chicago, the first leg of a trip to Tucson. The plane was delayed an hour or so, and then ended up filled with drunk Chicago White Sox fans (it was opening day for the Brewers, who played the White Sox...I guess flying was less of a hassle than sitting in traffic?)

- Being cast as the lead in the play my senior year of high school. Everyone (and I mean everyone) expected the lead to go to my best friend. Turns out she would rather be the student stage manager.

- A Christmas tree skirt I quilted taking first prize in its category at the State Fair.

- Meeting someone who would become a good friend on a 6 a.m. bus ride to the Chicago planetarium (college field trip...who on earth expects college students to make a 6 a.m. bus ride?)

- Watching the performance of the Sunday School musical - I'd directed the acting, a friend directed the choir.

- A women's Bible study I was part of after college.

- First night in my flat.

- Walking into the condo after the closing, realizing it was really mine (well, 6% mine and 94% the bank's).

- A weekend with friends in a cabin near Wisconsin Dells. It started with an unexpected dip in the lake by everyone but me (note to self: never say "If you fall in, I'm just going to stand here and laugh" when your friends are trying to get into a canoe). The entire weekend was laughter filled.

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