Wednesday, August 02, 2017

This and that and the other thing

- #24in48 - All told, I probably spent more than ten hours reading over the weekend. I did make some progress on the nonfiction, most time was truly spent in fiction. I'm a sucker for a good story.

- Speaking of good stories...the sixth book in the Monster Hunters series dropped yesterday. I may or may not be 37% done with it, having started reading during my lunch break yesterday. By the way, the first book in the series, via the link here, is currently FREE for kindle.

- Good for business - if the environmentalists don't ruin it. Governor Walker announced several days ago that Foxconn was planning to build an enormous facility in SE Wisconsin. Foxconn makes parts for Apple. It would bring thousands of jobs to the state. Since the announcement, the local liberal rag has done nothing but run stories on 1. Whether or not Wisconsin has enough qualified workers to fill the spots, 2. Whether the environment will be totally!!!trashed!!! due to the concessions on a couple of environmental regulations the state is offering to Foxconn, 3. Whether the taxpayers will be able to bear the brunt of the horrible!!!unreasonable!!!unheard of!!! incentives being offered to cement the deal. This tongue-in-check piece captures a bit of the hysteria the announcement has generated.

- How did it get to be August? Seriously, I feel as if July just poked her head in the door to say hello, then disappeared. I realized this morning that in another week, maybe two, I'll be driving to work in the dark again. Oy.

- Something is up at my elderly neighbor's. When I came home Monday, they had a trailer backed in to their parking bay, and a van pulled up in the center. One of their sons and his wife were loading things up, and I overheard bits of "Goodwill or toss?" conversations. As of today, the parking bay, which had been a sort of extra storage spot for the couple, is pretty much bare. Not sure if this is just a huge purge, a purge because they plan to move, or something else. Have never met the son and wife, so didn't want to pry.

- I've been looking at prices on new appliances, in preparation for remodeling the kitchen. Holy mackerel. Gone is any thought of a higher end stove. Because of space issues, I'd like to get a "counter depth" refrigerator, preferably with french doors. Yikes. And I don't need the in door ice/water thing, so the prices I'm seeing are comparatively low. Since I mostly cook for one, a dual oven range makes sense (and I can ditch the toaster oven), but that ups the price a bit. Also forgot I'd need a new garbage disposal.

There are limited things I can do to keep the cost down. I can certainly do the painting. I can mount cabinet hardware. Everything else? Most likely beyond the limits of my ability (or patience).

- 'Tis the season - I've a family wedding shower midmonth, and a baby shower at work the following week. Urgh. Not much of a fan. Happy for people, but sitting around watching someone open gifts is less exciting than watching paint dry.

- Not much of excitement going on, or anticipated. That's fine with me.

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melissa said...

Thanks for what you said about showers. Nobody has the courage to admit to that!