Saturday, August 26, 2017

A quick note...

Why yes, I'm still alive. Remember how so many people were whining that they could not wait to see the end of 2016, mostly because of so many celebrity deaths? Well, I feel that way about 2017, but for different reasons.

Lots rolling around in my head, not much making it out anywhere except in the pages of my private journal. Whole lots of sadness in the real world - please pray for a coworker's husband whose cancer is very advanced, and the son of some college friends who collapsed at football practice last week - his heart stopped and was restarted, but there is some concern about neurological damage. They still have him sedated.

I'm fed up with anything political. Both sides. I almost don't recognize this country anymore.

I had to organize a baby shower for a coworker. We don't do much, but it was still an added layer of stress. Pass the card and an envelope for money. Buy the gift, get it to work and hidden under my desk (we collected enough to buy the car seat, which is great, but it was rather bulky in the box, making that whole process, not to mention wrapping it, rather interesting). Order, pick up and bring in to work, a cake. Make sure we have paper plates, napkins and plastic forks. Get the conference room set up (spread out my cute pastel plaid table topper and plunk the cake, napkins, plates and forks on it). Agh. Much easier to do this at home. The mom-to-be was thrilled, which is nice.

Took the last two days of this week off - I usually do take at least the day students return to school as a vacation day. I say it's because of the parking hassle, but honestly, I miss going back to school myself. Not enough to take advantage of our tuition remission program, but I do miss the anticipation and the sense that everything is shiny and new.

Speaking of which, I am making a quilt for the mom-to-be. There wasn't quite enough time to finish it before the shower, but all that is left is to embroider the label and handstitch the binding down. And take some pictures. The last several quilts I've made, I've forgotten that last step. That's why I'm on the computer - I needed to download the (probably illegal) Winnie-the-Pooh motif I want to use on the label to a usb drive, to stick in the sewing machine.

Pictures of the quilt soon.

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melissa said...

Yes, sick of everything. Amen.