Saturday, January 14, 2017

Because sometimes...

Too tired to "arrange" them last night; they
still look wonderful just plopped in a vase.
...a girl just has to have roses.

White supermarket roses - I never pay more than a dollar a stem, oftentimes less. They smell wonderful, though given the size of my living room and the incredibly high ceilings, you have to get up close and personal with the flowers before you are aware of the scent.

These are from my local high end grocer; on the rare occasion I'm at Aldi when they have roses in stock, I find those are even nicer.

No matter if they last a few days or a week, it's great to have a floral pick-me-up when the skies are grey and the winter winds blow.


melissa said...

Oh yes. I totally agree, and white roses and white carnations are my personal favorites.

Diane said...

I stick my nose in them every time I walk past :)