Friday, January 20, 2017

A certain Friday in January

Depending on who you listen to, either we are entering a period that will "make America great again", or in which the world will end. Me? I think there is a middle ground.

Will watch the actual swearing in on live stream, as it takes place around the time I generally start my lunch. It's truly remarkable in that we have this (mostly) peaceful, (mostly, though in this particular case I doubt it) willing transfer of power over the most powerful country on the planet.

Since my invitations to all the balls got lost in the mail, I'm spending the weekend puttering around home. It's going to be unseasonably warm (possibly low fifties on Saturday) but rainy. Perfect sewing weather.

In addition to the UFO challenge I've taken on for this year, in February I'm participating, for the second year, in Drop and Give Me Twenty, a commitment to sew/quilt/craft for twenty minutes per day for the entire month. I have a wallhanging to quilt for a friend that is dreadfully, unacceptably late in getting done (about which she has been exceedingly gracious). It's layered and ready to quilt, I have all sorts of gorgeous variegated threads to use...and it will be my DAGMT project. Even if I quilt more than twenty minutes on a weekend, the first twenty will be that project.

Rainy days are perfect for trying out new recipes. I found an America's Test Kitchen recipe for baked broccoli with cheese sauce, and another for baked risotto, that sound wonderful. Heck, anything that includes cheese sauce or handfuls of fresh Parmesan cheese sounds wonderful. Picking up groceries tonight, so I can try these tomorrow.

A bunch of cleaning needs to be done. You'd think the place would stay cleaner with just me around, but no, it still gets both messy and dusty. It's also time to clean the vacuums (you do know they need to be cleaned periodically, right?) again. There are places to take apart and wipe out, and a couple of filters to remove and wash. And the rollers to de-hair. Ye gods, the hair. There may be more hair wrapped around the rollers than currently on my head. Seriously.

That's my excitement for the next couple days - how about you?

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