Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th AND a full moon

Even with those two things coming together, today is a good day - the beginning of a three day weekend. Just in time; this first week back at work has been a bit crazy, not to mention tiring. So, a "quick takes" kind of list:

  • I managed to bang my shin on the bedframe yesterday morning, hard enough to draw blood to the point of needing a big bandage. My own fault (I am (sometimes) an idiot), as when I last rotated the box spring, I simply rotated the entire bed end-to-end. The brackets for the (nonexistent- haven't found one I like) headboard don't normally stick out, but the spring and mattress slid back a bit, exposing enough of the bracket for my shin to find. As of this morning, the gaping hole in my shin is well on the mend.
  • Reason #165915 why I'm grateful I love to read: when Hollywood shuts down movie production in a fit of childish pique over the results of the presidential election, I'll still be able to amuse myself. Honestly, they haven't thought this through. If Trump resigns, Pence becomes President. Pence - the evangelical Christian who lives out his beliefs and is therefore anathema to everything Hollywood believes in. Reason #6498131687 why actors are paid to act, not think.
  • My Christmas tree is not only still up, I am still letting the timer turn the lights on twice a day. What can I say - I'm a sucker for twinkle lights. It will come down this weekend, but I may try to figure our how to continue having my lights. Maybe a string along the bookshelf in the sewing studio? The lights make me happy, and you can't have too much of that.
  • The site I bought my fountain pen from sent me a coupon for my birthday. Now that I've figured out how to refill the pen with ink from a bottle rather than using cartridges, I've started looking at the various inks they carry. All of the colors are gorgeous, but there are some inks that include some sort of sheen, from tiny gold or silver flakes to something that gives them an iridescent shimmer of another color. Before I narrow the selection down, though, I need to learn how to thoroughly flush out the old ink from the pen. I've watched the video, but my own actual experience rarely goes as smoothly as the videos.
  • Using a fountain pen is another thing that makes me happy. I've a Pilot Metropolitan that is a great pen for the price. It takes ink cartridges, though it can be converted to bottled ink as well. The cartridge ink is fairly "dry" (dries quickly on most paper) but flows smoothly. My other pen is an older model of the Invincia here (made entirely of the blue color aluminum used on this one only on the cap, not to mention on closeout at half this price with a full size bottle of ink thrown in - I may like fountain pens, but I'm not crazy)(if you like crazy, search the site for the gorgeous Japanese, handmade pens...I think the downpayment on my condo was less). A fountain pen takes much less pressure to write with than a normal ballpoint, a plus for my aging hands.
  • The local crime report this week said a rabbit had gotten itself stuck in the engine of one of the squad cars (presumably because it was a warm spot during our 2 degree days). It was successfully extricated and sent on its merry way. Nice to know "protect and serve" extends to all species.
  • No major plans for the weekend. Cleaning, cooking for the freezer, quilting, napping, taking down the tree. Puttering, which sounds like heaven.

Not-so-quick-takes, I guess, in spite of not much going on in my world.


Kathy S. said...

Love your humor! Funny thing about the Christmas tree. One year I had back surgery (2009 or so...) For VALENTINE'S Day I asked my husband to take down the Christmas tree. LOL. (Our son was 2 1/2... he loved twinkle lights and ornaments too!) Have a great weekend. Happy Friday 13th.

melissa said...

We leave twinkle lights up year round. This year I have white/red over the kitchen sink. Usually have a strand over the dining room doorway as well.

As to fountain pens, Gary was given one for Christmas he loves. Will have to ask him what it is and will let you know.

Hope your injury is better today. I can feeeeel it. :)