Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Slowly wilting

So it begins. Tired, cranky, slow moving. Funny, even though I have the incredible blessing of central air at home and at work, the heat still gets to me. Maybe it's a psychological thing, after all those years in a sweat box flat?

It's not as bad as it will get later in the week, but it is still in the low eighties and humid. Quilt guild tonight (in a thankfully air conditioned Salvation Army church/hall), so I'll be in and out of it a few times.

Plans for Friday's fun are going to have to change because of the heat. My 90 year old aunt and I were going to lunch at a place that has a wonderful patio and wrap around porch with seating - and very few inside tables. No way are we going to eat al fresco when the National Weather Service has already issued excessive heat watches (heat index 103 - 110) for both Thursday and Friday.

I hate to even have her come out. Maybe I'll pick up Panera and bring it to her? I know how much she was looking forward to it. Though I'm not sure I'll survive a Panera run in that heat.

To all my friends who profess to LOVE, LOVE summer: here you go. I don't want to hear a word from you about how it is "too hot". Be careful if you are planning to be out.

Eh. How many days until winter?


melissa said...

You know,it's what you're used to,but I have never professed to love summer. Heat index of 116 is ludicrous with humidity you could bathe the cat in. I'm with you...it might be cool inside, but when it's 10 at night here with an index of 100, that's just dumb.

Diane said...

"Dumb" is about the nicest thing I could say about that kind of weather, LOL. I spent a vacation in South Carolina with a friend about ten - twelve years ago, in late February. At eight at night we went out to get dinner and then take a "ghost tour" walking in downtown Charleston. Ten at night, in FEBRUARY, and it was so much too humid and warm for me. I love being close to the water, but hate the humidity.