Monday, July 18, 2016

On feeling old

At fifty-seven, my foot has yet to slip over the edge of the grave, but I'm still what one would call solidly ensconced in middle age. This fact bothers me less than many of my similarly-aged friends, as I've no children growing into adults to make time's progression in my life obvious to all.

But boy, am I feeling old today.

Yesterday, I went to a wonderful baby shower. I've the privilege of calling both the grandmother-to-be and the expectant mom my friend. You see, I met them both when they first came to my church - back when the mom to be was eight years old.


A whole crop of the young ladies who were my charges in AWANA when they were eight and nine years old are now married and having children at a rather quick pace. A quick survey of the kids who were part of the program the years that I was a leader shows at least ten kids, and three more (that I know of) on the way.

There is a special joy in this, even for a non-parent like me. These young parents have, for the most part, been faithful to what they have been taught, walking out their beliefs moment-to-moment. They are setting an example for these little people, in the hope that they, too, will come to a life of faith.

While I will play no part personally in handing down my physical genetic make up, I hope I've played a part in handing down my faith. If that's true, I can live with the grey hair, aches and pains.

With fairly short notice for this shower, I did not have time to make even a small baby quilt, and for that, I'm thankful. Chris was able to give to her daughter Kim a baby quilt that was made for Kim by the women of the church Chris and her husband attended back when Chris was pregnant with her. Every other square is signed by the women who encouraged and helped Chris with her first pregnancy. Several of the women who signed that quilt were at the shower.

As I said, these young people are popping out kids with abandon. A month from now, I've the joy of going to a baby shower for another very special young woman.

Note to self: Get hair colored before then...

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