Friday, December 11, 2015

Continuing to fail at Holidailies

I see that when I did yesterday's post, I forgot a title. It's been that kind of week.

To illustrate, a taste of what I've been dealing with:

At a doctor appointment Monday, I requested the diabetic education I should have been offered when first diagnosed four years ago. Nevermind that at this point, I probably know everything they will want to "educate" me on, however I have some questions I want answered and need clarification on some finer points.

The educator at this clinic is only in once a week, and I could not get in before the end of the year. The office girl mentioned two other clinics, one quite near my home, saying she would send the request for an appointment to a central office that could book at that location.

The next day, I did get a call from the scheduler, and the following conversation took place:

S: Hi. You want to schedule an appointment with a diabetic educator?

Me: Yes. What locations do you have?

S: We're at Lake.

Me: Where is that?

S: It's at Lake.

Me: I was told there was a clinic on the south side, near the airport? Can I schedule an appointment there?

S: I'm at Lake.

Me: Where exactly is "Lake"? Is that at my doctor's office?

S: (some um-ing and ah-ing) XYZ Medical Clinic? 123 N. Jefferson? No, we're at Lake.


S: We're in Columbia/St. Mary's Medical Commons.

Note: This is at the hospital, about as far north from my doctor's office (which is near my workplace) as my home is south from there.

Me: I'm not coming all the way up there. I was told there was a location on the south side; can I book an appointment there?

S: (Gives me an address of a clinic in West Allis, then finally the one I want) You'll have to call them for an appointment, but you can't do it until tomorrow, because I have to send the orders over.

I waited a day, then called the other location to schedule. After my having to pronounce and spell my doctor's name twice (it's an Indian name, but a short, easy-to-figure-out one), they finally were able to make an appointment.

The first opening was January 21st.

It gets better - I know where the building is, as I've gone for a blood draw in a lab at that location. The building is big and u-shaped, with doors at the interior corners of the "u", and, I suspect, doors on the outer side of the north arm. I asked this new scheduler which door I should go in...

S: We're right off the parking lot.

Me: I'm familiar with the building - I know it's u-shaped, is the door in the left or right corner as you face the building?

S: (silence for a few seconds) We face the parking lot.

Me: I realize that, but there are parking lots...

S: (interrupts) We're behind the Holiday Inn.

Now, I'm really confused, as I know where the Holiday Inn is (just south of Culver's on 6th), but when she said "behind" it made me think it was east of the hotel. A bit of searching on MapQuest shows it is south of the hotel, and the entrance to the clinic must be on the north side of the north arm of the u-shaped building.


I won't go into the several e-mail strings I've been copied in on this week, where I'm not copied until rather far along in the chain, and the person who thought to include me just says "see the thread below" instead of summarizing the facts and the specific request they have of me. When I get those, I figure out who had the initial question, and CALL THEM. I do respond to the email mess, but it's so much quicker and clearer to talk directly to the people involved.

Needless to say, I'm ready for the weekend.

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