Thursday, December 10, 2015

Darwinian natural selection at it's finest.

A would-be burglar decided to emulate Santa and gain entry to his target home via the chimney. Unfortunately, he either had a few too many hamburgers before trying to slide down, or was unaware of basic chimney construction (which, because of the platform in the throat and the dampers, does not allow passage of anything much larger than an errant sparrow or bat).

He got stuck.

The homeowner, unaware, came home and lit a small fire.

The burglar yelled, the homeowner tried to put out the fire as smoke poured everywhere (the chimney being blocked by the burglar).

By the time the firemen took apart enough of the fireplace to reach him, he had died.

In Florida, a would-be burglar fled successfully from police, but not from an eleven foot alligator. The burglar hid in the wrong place, and the gator had him for lunch.

Moral of the stories: Don't become a burglar. The working conditions are horrendous, and the death benefits are nonexistent

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