Sunday, May 31, 2015

Half done

Vacation is over - back to the salt mines tomorrow.

While there was no formal list, there were a number of things I kind of wanted to finish.

Yep, most of them are half done. That sounds better than barely started, right?

The new Mr. Bowling Ball bushes and the lilac are planted, but still need mulching. The patio plants are, well, on the patio, though not planted in the urns. They've presented a bit of a dilemma. The hydrangea that I thought died over the winter, which I've yet to yank out of the urn, has started growing. Apparently, it decided (unlike me) to wait until all danger of frost was past to poke it's head above the soil. I've a knockout rose I'd planned to put in place of the "dead" hydrangea.

So, if I put the rose in the other urn, which was where I planned to put the new hydrangea, where do I go with the new hydrangea?

I'm thinking of putting it out front. As it stands now, the three small bushes (the biggest they will get is 3 feet in diameter, and maybe 3 feet tall) are spaced along the front of the bed, with the lilac two feet back, centered between the left most and the middle bush. The water spigot is on the house behind the middle bush. Currently, I have a shepherd's hook to the right of the water, next to the water and electric meters. I could put the hydrangea to mirror where the lilac is, and pull out the hook. Decisions, decisions.

Aside from agonizing over gardening choices, I've done some sewing. Not much, and not what I should be doing. This was a bit of a kick start to creativity; it's been so long since I've really done much that I need a bit of a warm up. The organization in the studio leaves a bit to be desired as well. Though everything has its own place, and is often in that place, I can't always remember exactly what lives in which place when I go to use it. Spending more time sewing is the only real cure for that.

After more than a week of sleep on the new mattress, all I can say is that I wish I had done this earlier. Still getting used to the width and height, but I sleep much more peacefully and wake up without the aches that I thought were old age creeping up on me, when they were really the effects of a twenty year old mattress.

Did some, but not all, the freezer cooking I planned. I may yet make blueberry muffins this afternoon. But there is a nice stack of cajun spiced hamburger patties and a few breakfast items put up for the future.

Plenty of reading, too many movies and lots of naps, both planned and unplanned. A six hour dinner with a friend (we had a lot to catch up on). Several mornings at coffee shops, reading, journaling and drinking coffee.

All in all, it was a pretty nice week.

This week is a bit busy. Tuesday is garbage day, and I've quite a load, including dead patio chairs and other spring-cleaning related stuff. Need to pick up mulch after work, continue the sorting of stuff from the old bedroom furniture, keep plugging away on the quilting. Girls night out with a coworker Friday. Friday should also be the start of my half days for the summer.

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