Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quick update

Let's see...

Grocery delivery: Royally messed up, by them, not me. You are supposed to get an e-mail when your delivery is next, then another when the driver has arrived. It can be as long as fifteen minutes after that second e-mail before he is at my door, what with getting the right boxes and wheeling them to my door. I was upstairs, moving things in the bedroom in preparation for the mattress delivery, checking the desktop computer every five minutes for the first email, so I could go downstairs to wait. Humpf. The phone rang at ten to ten. It was downstairs, and by the time I got there, had gone to voicemail. It was Peapod, saying their driver had been there at 9:31, but since I wasn't home, they had just dropped the (cooler) boxes at the front door.

Furious. Fortunately, I had only two little frozen items (but they happened to be small strip steaks), along with a lot of refrigerator-type things, all of which are packed in iced down styrofoam coolers inside the delivery boxes. Let's just say I called them and gave them a substantial piece of my mind. Naturally, they couldn't (most likely wouldn't) schedule a pick up of the boxes until this afternoon. My strong suspicion is that the driver had a heavy load due to the holiday weekend, and preferred to dump and go.

Seriously rethinking using them anymore. Not the first time they have forgotten the notification.

Mattress: Quickest delivery ever. From the time I opened the door until they went on their way (taking not only the old mattress and box, but all the packing material), it couldn't have been more than ten minutes.

The set is much taller than I anticipated. Then again, I've been sleeping on a twenty year old, nine inch thick mattress on a nine inch box. The new mattress alone is 13 1/2" thick. That extra four inches makes quite the difference. My feet dangle when I sit on the edge of the bed, nowhere near touching the floor.

But oh, how nice it is for sleeping. The extra width (a whopping fifteen inches more) lets me sprawl out, even sleep sideways if desired. I do miss the headboard, as for some reason I've been sleeping mostly curled up against it for the last year. Breaking myself of that habit now, obviously. I slept straight through the night the first night (that single Tylenol P.M. I took for post-move aches may have contributed to that) and very, very well last night.

Air conditioning service: The poor service guy must have realized I thought he might be a pervert. So much was going on Friday, and I had done so much Thursday, I was already exhausted by the time he arrived (both groceries and mattress came earlier). I asked if he needed the outside water on, having a vague recollection that he needed it. He said yes, so I started down the basement steps...

...and he followed me.

Halfway down the flight I turned and asked, "Why are you following me?"

Not an unreasonable question; this wasn't the tech I'd had at the last couple servicings

Silly me. I had forgotten that a new tech would not know that the furnace/air conditioning interior unit is in my kitchen, in a small utility closet. I apologized profusely. And as it turns out, he has been family friends with my neighbors since he was three. Ay.

Still haven't done an actual "list" for vacation. I warmed up the sewing muscles, sewing four straight lines to create a design "wall" (54" wide white flannel printed with a 2" grid, like giant graph paper - sides hemmed and a casing at the top for a hanging bar - it works like a giant flannelgraph for quilt blocks, so you can move them around and try out different layouts without getting little threads all over the floor). Next up were several more straight lines, to make a cover for a 14 x 28" pillow form. The fabric is the leftover stuff from the bedroom valance, and the pillow goes in the bedroom (duh). I did the hand sewing of the decorative binding during the Indy 500.

Watched the race. The last sixteen laps (after that last big wreck) were some of the best racing I've seen in IndyCar for a while. Though I must point out that Montoya, Dixon and Power all got their starts in open wheel in the U.S. in ChampCar, not IndyCar. In fact, Montoya's other Indy win came when he was still a ChampCar driver (IndyCar needed the competing series' drivers in order to fill out the traditional 33 car field). As a rookie, he led 167 of 200 laps, spanking the rest of the field.

Did some cooking. Mixed up Cajun burgers, most to freeze and one for dinner tonight with baked sweet potato fries made from one of the biggest sweet potatoes I've ever seen. Blueberry muffins, english muffin breakfast sandwiches and a tomato tart tomorrow. I need to inventory and rearrange the freezer. And start cooking all three meals a day; there's quite a bit of food in the house.

Thunderstorms predicted almost every day this week. Predicted doesn't always come true, but it makes me want to hold off putting out the new patio umbrella and chairs. Warm, though, up in the high seventies/low eighties right through Friday.

Got the air conditioning checked out just in time.

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