Tuesday, June 02, 2015

That didn't take long

Two days back at work, and the crazies are coming out.

First off, I think someone replaced my computer keyboard with a different one. Every third or fourth letter doesn't register. I've been a touch typist since sophomore year of high school; while I make mistakes, I don't completely miss letters this way (and yes, I've knocked the crumbs out of my keyboard, just in case).

Someone in another department sent me some paperwork they didn't know what to do with (an audit confirmation for a grant, which is clear if you read it), instead of calling to see if it is something I deal with (it isn't). Essentially, it's a "here, you deal with it" paper dump. Had she called, I could have told her who to send it to (again, not me).

A coworker who has a very, very long fuse and doesn't get fussed by much, just came in to my office to vent. One of our student employees - the daughter of a different coworker - brought a friend in to work today. Apparently just because? Coworker one tried to call the mom, who was too busy eating lunch to respond. So coworker one politely told the student that the "friend" needed to go somewhere else, as the student, presuming she was actually working, was dealing with confidential information. Ay.

Our financial system crashed just before one o'clock. Word is it may take a couple of hours to fix. So much for productivity.

Like an idiot, I let my sleep pattern change over vacation. By the end of the week I will be fine, but right now, the urge for a post-prandial nap is almost overwhelming.

Someone came to me looking for 2012 payroll reports. I don't have anything directly to do with payroll, and any returns I sign for them are scanned and put on the shared drive. Someone else keeps the hard copies...yup, the very person who came to my office to ask if I had the hard copies.

I think I'd like my job a whole lot better if I didn't have to deal with people.


Francesca Watson said...

One of the things I was very happy to give up when I left corporate life was dealing with co-workers. Maybe it's because I'm getting older... but I just don't seem to have the ability to stop my eyes from rolling sometimes!! Yikes!

Diane said...

I can control the eye rolls, but need to be careful that the voices in my head stay in my head. It's made worse by the fact that me, the introvert, has somehow become the person assigned to ask the questions everyone else wants to ask (but doesn't) at our staff meetings.