Monday, April 13, 2015

Throwing her bonnet into the ring.

At long last, the presumed has been made official: Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for president.

Woo hoo?

There is some noise in certain quarters that "it is about time for a woman president", as if Hillary has no accomplishments on which to run.

They were probably in an e-mail housed on that personal server of hers, right next to the ones with the subject line "Benghazi".

Anyway, we have very recent experience of electing a candidate president because he fit some social justice, "it's about time for this", let's elect based on affirmative action rather than actual experience type criteria.

How's that working out for you?

If we were truly a post racial, gender neutral society, we'd be electing people based on their qualifications, not the color of their skin, what gender they self-identify as or whether they eat cornflakes on Tuesdays. And if the best choice were a white man, his gender and skin color would not work against him.

Please, please, as you consider the many candidates vying for your votes, think on their qualifications and experience, not on whether they have lady bits or dark skin. Let the best candidate capture your vote.

As for Ms. Clinton - do we really want four more years of Clinton-era politics in the White House?

Dear Lord, do we really want Bill Clinton as "First Husband"?

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Anonymous said...

Heh. I tell my girls that voting for She Who Must Not Be Named because she's a woman is as idiotic as voting against her because she is.

Probably get sent to the camps for this.

My oldest actually will be old enough to vote next year. FWIW, at this point she's a PaulBot.