Thursday, April 09, 2015


I woke up just before two o'clock last night. Well, early this morning. It was my usual middle-of-the-night call of nature, but it happened to coincide with one of the biggest thunder booms I've heard in a long time. In fact, for a moment there, I wondered if there had been an explosion somewhere in the condo complex.

Ten seconds later, Niagara Falls relocated to southeastern Wisconsin and camped over my house. What a downpour.

It's been raining/thundering/lightening off and on ever since. Things were pretty fierce again around four-thirty and five. Yet my drive to work was entirely rain free. All of the traffic lights between the Starbucks I use and work were green - almost a dozen of them. The street was deserted as well, almost as if the rain washed away the people in addition to the accumulation of road salt.

No sooner had I entered the building at work than the rain returned in force.

I have a feeling I've pretty much used up my blessings for the day.

Wisconsin has been under mild drought conditions for the last couple of months. The winter's snowmelt was less than normal, and we've had very little precipitation at all. This rain will go a long way to fixing all that. More storms are forecast for overnight tonight, after which it is supposed to warm up into the low sixties for temperature for the foreseeable future. All this leads me to make a bold pronouncement:

Spring is finally here.

I'm not saying a few snow flurries are completely out of bounds during the rest of the month, but the harsh winds and biting temperatures of winter are history (at least until late November).


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