Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday musings

It's been all sports, all weekend on the local media outlets. First, it was the run up to the Wisconsin Badger's win the NCAA Final Four. Sunday, it switched a bit to the prospect of the Milwaukee Brewers' opening day.

Today, the 4;30 a.m. news broadcast (why yes, I'm up that early and watching it, why do you ask?) featured the anchor team sitting on the track around Miller Park (the stadium roof was closed, but they still looked cold at 34 degrees), talking

The Brewers' game will be over soon, and good thing, as they are getting their behinds spanked. Ten - zero, last I checked. The Badger game, however, doesn't start until almost 8:30 tonight. More hysteria, um, enthusiasm on the evening news.

I am really happy for them, but the media coverage is a bit excessive.

But all the hoopla did point something out for me. Over the long weekend, I didn't do my usual perusing of the news sites, nor make a point to watch any of the evening news (I tried to watch the weather, but it was all about the weather for opening day...).

I realized, as I have at other times when I'm on vacation, that I really am happier if I don't watch/see/read news accounts. While I like to be well informed, there are things I just can't do anything about.

Do I really need to know that there are indications that the Yellowstone super volcano is showing increasing signs of activity, and if it blows, life in the US - and possibly a large part of Canada - is pretty much over?

Is there a reason to listen to the posturings of either side of the Iran nuclear "agreement" argument? After all, I already know that the instant Iran develops a bomb (and that is less than a year away, I think) she will use it. All the "agreements" on earth won't stop that.

Does anyone need to know that Kim Kardashian may not be able to have more children? Does anyone else think that may not be a bad thing?

Do we care that a defeated Kentucky player got caught on a hot mike being an immature, self-centered sore loser?

Who wants to read the non-apology from Sabrina Erdely to everyone involved in the Rolling Stone/UVA non-rape story - the apology to everyone but the male students she accused in the first place?

Eh. I think I just need to stay away from the news.

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melissa said...

The volcano? Well, I'm ready to go. Just sayin'.....