Friday, April 17, 2015

Round two

Or maybe just the continuation of round one.

The week after I came back from New Orleans - the first week in March - I came down with a nasty upper respiratory infection/ear infection thing (based on the incubation time, I think someone at work was kind enough to hand off the germs before I left town). Because I'm me, I waited just over a week before I decided I probably should see the doctor, as things just weren't getting better.

A week's worth of antibiotic, hard core cough med and rest. After that week, the cough was mostly gone, I had more energy (though I still went to bed ridiculously early) and it appeared things were on the upswing.

Oh, stupid, stupid me.

The cough is back. Over last weekend I had a pretty significant earache. I feel generally lousy (though I haven't had any coffee since Wednesday morning; that is most likely the cause of the headache, something I intend to remedy very shortly).

Started a second course of antibiotics Wednesday night. It would have been Tuesday, but between the nurse not bothering to read the note about calling my cell phone after a certain time, and the pharmacy being out of stock(!) on the med, there was a 24 hour delay.

Just long enough for everything to get a better grip.


I've been lolling about at home the last two days, dozing in the recliner until it's time for bed. I did manage to get the grocery order put away, but it wasn't large and there wasn't much else in the refrigerator, so there wasn't much rearranging to do. I'm hoping to go downstairs and cook up the pork chops that are thawing. It's a family recipe, sort of - flour and brown the chops. Slice a bunch of potatoes and onions very thinly and put them in a casserole dish. Pork chops go on top. Pour water or a broth/wine mix over just cover the potatoes. Cover tightly with foil and bake for an hour or so. I'm thinking that since I can use the mandoline for all the slicing, it shouldn't take much energy. And I can watch quilting videos while it cooks.

Pam and I have a craft day set up for tomorrow, along with dinner out. The dinner is to use a gift certificate I've got for a farm-to-table local restaurant. I'm looking forward to this - just hoping I don't cough all over everyone.

We'll see how it goes. Craft day is at Pam's, which means I can't really work on anything I really need to work on (hauling my machine quilting set up over there for what ends up being just a couple of hours of actual sewing time is ridiculous). I've got some hand work that I only work on when craft day is at her place. It may never get done, but it keeps my hands busy and it's a craft, so...

I'd better hop to it, or I may not be having dinner until ten o'clock.

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melissa said...

Plus you've been under extra stress at work, it being tax time. Hope you can play this weekend. You need a break.