Monday, March 09, 2015

Yawn...what time is it?

Gah, I hate these stupid time changes. I never did change the car's clock last fall; now that it reads the correct time, I'm still used to subtracting an hour from the reading.

Changed the bedroom and bathroom clocks, one of the two timers on the living room lamps and the thermostat. The rest - eh, I'll get there. The phone and computers (except, for some reason, the one in the sewing machine) change themselves, fortunately.

Thanks to the never-ending head cold, I slept most of the weekend, including an actual eleven hour stint Saturday to Sunday. Still, I'm fading fast here. Having to get up at four-fifteen instead of nine or ten really makes a difference.

At least when I make a quilt, doing the nonsensical thing of cutting big pieces of fabric into little pieces, only to sew them back together into a big piece, the end result is both pretty and practical. You can't say the same about the shifting of time involved with DST.

After more than two weeks of tooling in to work in the brightening daylight, I had to make my way in the dark today. Urgh. Still, the temperature was above freezing, which is a vast improvement over last week.

Spring is kind of peeking around the corner of Winter's skirts, teasing us by stepping partway out, then pulling back. Flirt, always promising a little more than she is ready to follow through with.

In spite of hacking up a lung, I managed to make a really, really tasty chicken soup Saturday. The pot was big enough to last through lunch this coming Wednesday (I don't mess around when I make soup). A while back I picked up a package of little pasta stars (truly little, like an eighth of an inch across) specifically to use in soup. Why? No reason except they make me smile.

I'd better get in line to heat it up.

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melissa said...

Haven't bought the pasta stars, but I feel the same way about the alphabet ones. And cool your sewing machine has a clock. Living in the dark ages here. Didn't know any gad clocks. :) Hope today us better for you, sweet friend.