Thursday, March 05, 2015

On the upswing?

Back to work today, after two days of sleep, broth, cold meds and more sleep (of course, none of that sleep happened last night, when I woke up every half hour either because my head had slipped off the propped up pillows, letting all the congestion settle in my head and choke off my ability to, you know, BREATHE, or to go to the bathroom, the effect of all the fluids I'd been drinking).

I'm starting to fade a bit.

Last day of cold weather, or so say the weather gurus. We may reach (drumroll) FIFTY degrees next Wednesday. From Saturday on, we will be above freezing, so even if we don't hit that magic number, it's a win.

Since Saturday will be warm, sunny and snowfall-less, I'm going to trek out to the quilt shop to drop off the computerized machine for its annual exam. The repair guy is pretty caught up, so they say he should be able to look at it on Monday already. The added incentive to do this on Saturday in particular is that it is Bonus Bag Day - 19% off anything that fits in the shop totebag. Provided, of course, I remember to take my bag along in the first place.

Then back home to set up the other machine to machine quilt the tshirt quilt. The sewing desk is tailored to that machine: the machine drops into a well and has a custom made insert that fits around it, level with the surface of the desk. It's much easier to quilt when you don't have to lift the quilt up to the level of the machine. And while I call it the "old" machine, the truth is the Virtuosa sews as well today as it did when I bought it...seventeen years ago? At least fifteen...

The order, if I remember correctly, was new machine, sewing desk for the machine, new car. And since the "new" car is a 2003, I guess it's been almost fifteen years since the Virtuosa came to live with me.

Eh. Time for more cold pills, more water and a return to numbers. I have a feeling that I will end up having to double check everything I do this afternoon.

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melissa said...

Hope you feel good enough to enjoy your weekend. You've had a tough week. As to temperatures, supposed to get in the fifties here too. So hungry for spring. I know you are as well.

Take care, dear one.