Wednesday, March 11, 2015

World's Biggest Whiner

I'm ashamed to admit I probably am a top contender for this title, at least at the moment.

If you recall, I came down sick about a week or so ago. Total congestion of head and chest, though thankfully always free of the dreaded sinus headache. Coughing like I'm expecting to turn myself inside out. Not fun.

Stayed home from work a couple days, went back a couple days, then rested through the weekend. Worked Monday, relapsed so badly Monday night I ended up not sleeping at all (PSA: coughing is not an adequate substitute for sleeping). Stayed home Tuesday, called to make a doctor appointment, and couldn't get in until this afternoon.

The verdict? The creeping crud, which I will probably get once or twice a year thanks to bum lungs and sinuses prone to allergies and general full-of-snotness.

Honestly, I felt pretty good today until I went to that appointment.

The doc's computer was down, so he had to give me the prescriptions on paper (a mild antibiotic (apparently the inside of my nose is hamburger-like, and the drainage down the back of my throat isn't just snot, but blood (sorry about the TMI)) and blessed cough stuff with codeine). That's in addition to the sample he gave me of a stronger daily inhaler to keep my bronchial passages open and a probiotic to protect my gut from the antibiotic. He also suggested I take a couple of days off of work. Heh. I laughed.

But the offer is there - all I have to do is call his office the day/s I'm out, and he will write what is needed. Unfortunately, I have a 3/15 deadline for something, and have already taken three days off in the last week and a half.

Anyway, after a twenty minute wait to have the prescriptions filled, plus another almost fifteen minute wait thanks to the slowest pharmacy tech on the planet and a pharmacist who insists on covering the company's ass...ets by trying to micro manage instructions to customers, I finally made it home.

Things seem much more zen now that I've taken a dose of the cough stuff.

I'm thinking this weekend is going to be another slow one, reading, napping, maybe cleaning a bathroom or two. Soup. If I can clear my desk tomorrow, and if I still feel so lousy at the end of the day, I may avail myself of the doctor's offer and take off Friday. The sad thing about this is that over the last week, we have finally had spring-like weather, clear, sunny and wonderfully warm. Hard to enjoy it when you are sick.

Now I'm going to turn out the lights on this little pity party, and enjoy a full night's sleep, thanks to the local pharmacy.


melissa said...

The creeping crud? Is the an official ailment!?!

Diane said...

He never actually gave it a name. It's not bronchitis, not pneumonia, not flu. So, creeping crud. I can hardly swallow my throat is so sticky with crud. The plan for tomorrow is to drink lots of soup stock. So tired of this.