Monday, March 16, 2015

The fickleness of a Wisconsin spring

Sigh. It is sixty-five degrees out. The massive pile of plowed up snow atop which we have been resting our garbage bags for weekly pick up has completely melted. Small pockets that are protected from the wind and get a lot of sun actually show a little bit of green.

I'm itching to get outside and do the spring clean up, ready to order the last of the plants I need to put in. Alas, while it is sixty-five degrees right now, the high over the weekend will hover around forty. A bit too soon to consider trimming the hydrangea (which made it successfully through the winter, it seems). Too soon, also, to do much else than clean up the last of the autumn leaves.

The last (usual) date of frost in Wisconsin is April 15th.

I'm even a bit leary of putting the welcome mat back outside the door. The snowplow people get their snowpants in a bundle if the mats are down when they come to shovel/snowblow. Understandable, but isn't winter when you need the outdoor mats even more than usual? The state of my foyer floor can attest to that.

While I'm anxiously waiting for spring, the wasps are not. I saw one flying around the upper patio window on Saturday, when it was so warm. Methinks a preventive spray of wasp stuff is needed around the upper eaves. If I continue to see them, I may call the management company. I've only ever seen at most three at a time, but better safe and all that.

At least with daylight saving time, I can go home and open the patio door for a while to let some fresh air in, without feeling as if I'm opening the place up to the minions of darkness.

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melissa said...

Oh blessings. You sound better!