Wednesday, March 18, 2015

One of those

Just a month after dropping a smallish fortune on car repairs, prompted by the appearance of the "check engine" light (as you may recall, they determined the sensor for the light was bad, and replaced it), you can imagine I was a bit perturbed when said light made a return visit this morning.

Not happy.

I've wasted two vacation days on this already. The earliest appointment they had was around five thirty today, but I had a grocery delivery scheduled. I don't want to have to drive it over there in the middle of the workday, so I'm going in immediately after work tomorrow. Hopefully, they can diagnose it right away. If I have to be without a car Friday, heads will roll.

Got home around quarter after four, ate a quick dinner and started picking up the house. The grocery delivery was scheduled between seven and nine. They send an e-mail telling you your delivery is next, then one that says your driver is here. The second email is sent before they start taking your order out of the truck, so there is generally a five to ten minute warning before they are actually at the door.


At twenty after six, someone knocked loudly on the front door. I almost didn't answer it; I was expecting a package, and the delivery guys will pound on the door (and then walk away without waiting for anyone to answer).

Good thing I did check, as it was the grocery order. Forty-five minutes early.

Granted, I'd rather get it early (and thus be able to get to bed on time, rather than having to unpack everything late at night (well, nine p.m. is late for me)), but I was a little put out. Generally, if they are going to be early, you get a call from the distribution center. I haven't checked the phone, but I certainly didn't hear it ring, and I was in the same room with it. When I checked after the driver left, the only email I had was the one telling me the driver was here.

Sigh. If I hadn't opened the door, or hadn't been home (since my delivery window hadn't started yet), I would have missed the delivery, and most likely had to pay for most if not all of it anyway. Sigh.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, the service runs smoothly. But the other one percent - ay.

On the plus side, the strawberries? Almost the size of a tangerine (an actual tangerine, not the little mandarins). I think one berry is an entire fruit serving all on its own. Lots of fresh stuff in this order - blueberries, carrots, celery, broccoli, mushrooms, lemons.

The lemons are for the chicken recipe linked in this post. As you may recall, I only made half the chicken last time, since my pan wouldn't hold a whole spatchcocked chicken. Reminder to self: take the chicken out of the freezer tomorrow morning, and get it in the marinade, in hopes of cooking it Saturday.

Absolutely no meats or chicken, in fact no proteins at all in this order, as I'm trying to cook through the contents of the freezer. I didn't quite get to making the salisbury steak last night, nor tonight, so it really needs to be made tomorrow, no matter how late I'm home from the auto repair place.

This week really isn't going as planned.

Still coughing a bit, but my ears are popping and I'm actually feeling a bit better, though I still tire easily. The cough med is letting me sleep through the night, but giving me strange dreams. One night, zombie hunting (made sense, as I'd watched two episodes of The Walking Dead that night). Last night, a convoluted here and there adventure, including a time when I was sitting in a theater, (lightly) smacking the people around me when they started to talk during the performance (Some of the neighbors were holding a conversation outside on the walk may have prompted that one).

Better go make a list of things to remember in the morning. Take out chicken. Make lunch. Take kindle and charger. Be sure to charge phone at work. Take an extra apple to eat whilst waiting for car...

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